Southside Equine Services is a full service ambulatory equine veterinarian practice providing care 24 hours a day 7 days a week to the following counties: Amelia, Amherst, Appomattox, Bedford, Boydton, Brunswick, Buckingham, Campbell, Charlotte, Chesterfield, Clarksville, Concord, Cumberland, Dinwiddie, Halifax, Lynchburg, Madison Heights, Mecklenburg, Powhatan, Prince Edward, and South Boston. We are able to perform all diagnostics and treatments on the farm.


Our mission is to provide top quality care during any stage of life efficiently and economically. We are able to respond to your horse’s preventive care, medical, field surgery, emergency, and sports medicine needs. We also specialize in lameness, reproduction and routine health care. Using tools such as power dentistry, endoscopy, and digital radiography we are able to provide a broad range of services on the farm.  Evaluation, diagnosis and treatment all at the same time saving YOU time and money.

If you have had problems in the past with not getting an accurate diagnosis, too many expensive tests and failure to fully address your problem try Southside Equine Services.  We are SURE you will be more than happy with our experienced, thorough and compassionate handling of your loved ones.

Our experience shows!


Sports Medicine

24 Hour Emergency Services




Customized vaccination schedules to suit your horses’ individual needs.


It is important to have your horses teeth examined for abnormalities once a year to prevent problems in the future.

Power Dentistry-Using a “Powerfloat” we are able to correct abnormalities on the farm.

Preventative Medicine and Dentistry

Deworming programs individualized to your farms needs.

At Southside Equine Services we pride our selves on a evidence based  approach to lameness and sports medicine for equine athletes of all types.  We provide…


Allows us to exam the soft tissue structures (tendons and ligaments) on the farm.

Allows us to diagnose boney problems on the farm and provide same day treatment.

We are constantly trying to improve recovery in our patients by including the use of PRP, stem cells and other regenerative therapies.

It's a brave new world with previously un-treatable conditions using these new modalities.


Many new regulations are being enacted for governing the showing of horses. Among the most common rule changes is the requirement for permanent identification using microchips.

Southside Equine Services can not only can place these permanent markers but also have microchips available for use of permanently identifying your horses.

24 hour service 7 days a week is provided by Dr. Scarrow and Dr. Rossner. Some of our most common emergencies are lacerations, colic, acute lameness and eye problems. We are prepared to treat any emergenciy on the farm at any time.

We maintain a varied breeding clientele from the family pet to the avid competitor. We offer service from onset of etrus to the foal hitting the ground. We provide...

Ultrasonographic examinations for breeding and pregnancy diagnosis.

Mare and stallion breeding soundness exams.

Artificial insemination.

Semen collection and shipping.

Mare breeding packages are available at our farm, please contact the office for more information


Randall G. Scarrow, DVM

Dr. Scarrow is a 1984 graduate of The Western College of Veterinary Medicine. His focus has always been horses, through vet school and since the day he graduated. Dr. Scarrows experience covers almost all aspects of equine veterinary care. Twelve years were spent on the racetrack with responsibilities that included lameness diagnostics and treatment on numerous champions and world record holders. An equal time was spent in ambulatory practice, including providing the veterinary services for a number of Standardbred breeding farms, which was one of the first breeds to allow collection of semen for distribution for artificial insemination. The years in field practice have given him a great deal of experience in an amazing array of equine health and field surgery – there is nothing he will not attempt to fix. Dr. Scarrow claims to have always liked equine dentistry and the incorporation of power dentistry into the practice has allowed him to further pursue his passion for this aspect of care. Through it all, Dr. Scarrow really cares and loves horses. “I can’t imagine a day where I couldn’t get up and go and look at horses all day long…”




4733 Red House Road,

Phenix, Va 23959

Email: southsideequine@hughes.net
Tel:  434-248-5880


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Emergency hours

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